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Let’s talk about Wifi security

Everyone love internet, it has become an important element in our lives, the most of times we use internet basically for everything, from look for a recipe, search for information, buy stuff, to find new friends, also it helps a lot in companies that need the support of webpages and obviously there are a lot of uses for this fantastic resource.

Wifi security – learn more:


Wifi security

As we know, the internet starts with the creation of the computers in 1950 and after this the specialists were trying to connect computers one with others, with these ideas they created first network system in 1960, the internet was taking form, obviously they were improving this technology with the pass of the years.

In those times and right now the connection is made with cables but at the beginning when this process was made, after some years they created a new method to send the internet service to computers, “the wireless connection”, it was created to send the internet service to computers that didn’t need or have a cable (obviously they need an specific piece to allow the wireless connection).

Basically it was created for laptops (a different kind of computer that you can keep in your bag that is really handy), normally to access to a wireless connection you need to have a router (an electronic device that spread the internet through a signal) and with your laptop or computer you need to access to this signal.

Normally this was a free access, laptops and computers had free access to a wireless connection but with the pass of the time people were growing in disagree with this idea because in their words they are stealing internet and this is not something that people like, for that reason people created or to be exactly they adjust the routers with a password giving a security system to the routers.

For some people this is not a problem but (is going to sound weird and funny) the security of routers is really poor and useless, an amateur hacker can hack their security with little help but still is needed to provide your connection to be slowed down by an unfriended guess.

Talking about the problems that this can cause, well the problems are more for the people that have deep knowledges about computersand internet (normally people that doesn’t know about this can think that is just a normal problem or in other cases they don’t even note the slowdown of the internet) like online gamers, programmers and pages’ administrators, because they can detail when their internet is slowing down, because when someone joins to the same wireless network.

You share your internet with that person and any kind of use can slow down the speed of the connection, actions like watching videos, download videos or movies, result really annoying for the owner of the signal (obviously people use to have a strong internet provider to avoid these problems), in the case of this redactor.

I am actually a gamer and a lot of people say that when someone joins to your internet network that person doesn’t slow you down with his/her actions, but that is totally wrong, the internet will divide its speed in two ways to provide both connected computers, lowing its benefics.

Websites security check

Websites security check

We can find a lot of thing in internet and there are pages basically for everything, we can find pages about games, comics, Japanese cartoons (animes), normal cartoons, weather, movies, tv shows, information, even blogs and the common social networks.

But to put it simple internet is as wide as our world the numbers of pages that exist is uncountable, with a website for everyone and everything we need to take care where are we going in this huge sea that we call internet.

Websites security check – Learn more:

Websites security check

Websites are basically for everyone, a person with good knowledges can create a page about any topic and depending in what the person is looking for you can be sure that you will find something, but as we know internet is not a perfect place, we can find any kind of people in it, for this reason there are pages and websites that requires permission to access to its content.

Websites are created with a specific software, it sets its configuration, content and obviously its terms and conditions, this save in some cases computers and kids from dangerous elements that the website can have, so the people use to set their computers to avoid or at least to warm the user about these dangerous pages.

Well not everything is fault of the maker of the website, let be serious; if a page warm you about a possible risk for your computer, how many times have you ignore this message?

There are a lot of people that avoid this message because they don’t pay attention, these messages can warm you about a risk for your system or a about an age standard in the page. Why do the people avoid these messages? Actually there is no big mystery, the people dies for curiosity, when a page forbids you the access, you maybe ask to yourself, why?

What is in there? What can I not see? And for these questions we can have a bad experience with our kids or maybe you can download a virus to your system without noting it.

How many times do we see people doing weird spam on facebook?

Well, this can be the result of being passing for unprotected pages or avoiding warnings, these virus can set a weird order in your system, how is so? Actually, you post on facebook the same thing over and over without noting it, most of the times porn.

Also there is people that use to surf for that we call “deepweb” that is a totally different world, is a place in internet that have all kind of things from legal things to illegal things, and most of the places can have these virus in their code so that when you visit that site your pc get that code, causing serious situations in some cases, that can include a totally collapse of your computer or giving the control of all the information and the functions of your system

Normally we don’t need to surf in that area but how I say before people is curious and that is part of human behavior.


Internet service providers  

internet service providers

As we know internet is a very useful resource, we use it basically to search any kind of information and normally information is not the only use that internet has.

Internet service providers – Learn more:

internet service providers

People use to use internet for a lot of things, it helps to find jobs, we can make new friends in the social networks, download movies and even play video games online but all these uses requires a good internet connection, if you have a bad connection it can cause a lot of problems, at least for the people that work with internet.

How do we find a good provider?

Well, first than nothing we have to have in count the country that provides you the service, some countries possess a better connection than other countries, for example actually in these days Korea has the best internet connection in the whole world, and one of the countries with the worst internet connection is Venezuela.

Obviously the internet providers will change depending of the country; each company has their own plans and services for people.

There are always reasons that make a people choose a provider, like the service that the workers can give you, the economic context or for sure the connection speed, besides that, people that already have the services of a specific provider can give you their opinion about the services that they provide, sometimes they can be good or bad opinions depending of the opinion that the clients have.

In addition to the information of this article, this redactor is from the Venezuela (yeah, the country with the worst internet connection), our connection is pretty bad, for at least three important reasons:

  • One: The country doesn’t pay attention to the internet speed if “it works”, with that opinion the country doesn’t care if our internet is good or bad.
  • Two: the technic support of our providers is awful, they don’t take care of clients (for them is your internet works, it’s ok but if it doesn’t work they don’t do much to help).
  • Three: Venezuela in this year (2017) is suffering a political crisis and the government is messing with the connection of the whole country trying to stop the flow of information (I don’t believe this but there are a lot of people that believe in this fact).

We need to be sure which provider, we are going to choose and what kind of service it can provide you.

At the end you have the final word about what company can help you to have the best internet connection, because even if you live in a country where the connection is pretty bad, you can be sure that there is going to be a provider that will at least give you a better service than the others.

So just try to look around, ask your frined your co-workers, even the boss of your job can help you with it. Actually we use internet for everything and the best thing that we can dream about it is “an internet connection that works for all my needs”.


Internet connection test

Internet connection test

Have you ever tryied use any service about Internet connection test? 

Let’s talk about that.

Internet connection test – internet speedometer:

Internet connection test

Internet has become one of the most important elements in life, is so important because literally a person in these ages cannot live without it and the first thing that a person always do when move to a new house is to hire an internet service (obviously if that person already has a computer), as we know the internet is used basically for everything, look information, buy medicines, cars, even food.

The many uses of internet are very variated and for sure we need to be sure that the service that you payed is good, but that is another story.

There are a lot of reason why the people use this resource not only to kill their free time, like support companies, help people to administrate bank accounts, upload important documents to a page and even create pages for different companies.

But this is not over there, also people use to find jobs online, like redacting articles (yeah, like me), uploading information, even administrating a page; so we can say that the internet is necessary resource for the live of the people.

Connection test:

Obviously we need to have in count that the connection is not always perfect, depending of the provider or the country there are a lot of factors that mess with the stability of the service, like weather, problems with the cable or even the connection steal (case of the wireless connections), in these situations we need to be sure how to deal with the problems that affect your connection.

One of the most common solutions is the “Connection test”, this process will allow us to know if our connection is working properly but sometimes this is a useless method, but still is useful to no know what kind of problem is affecting your internet. Among the other methods that we can use to fix our connection are:

  • With the “Connection test” you will have access to a lot of possible solutions, Such as call your provider, check your devices and restart your systems.
  • We can also call a specialist that is capacitated to deal with these problems.
  • There are a lot of people that know about connections and the devices that provide it and sometimes these devices can have problems in their design, for that we can find a person that is able to fix those problems
  • It will sound funny, but we can also find help online using the same internet, because we can say that “the situation that you have, in some moment another person has suffered it”.

At the end is better to have variated options to choose the best solution for our connection problems to avoid any inconvenient that could affect your internet.

Obviously the connection test process is not a perfect method but still helps a lot to figure out what is happening with our internet system, to fix it and enjoy the full experience that provides the service that you are paying.

So you need to be prepared for any kind of situation.

Data Usage – How it works?

data usage

Let’s talk about a very specific subject, data usage!

Every day we find new things in the internet, this element has become an important part of our daily lives, this is not joking, we know already how useful can the internet be.

Data Usage – learn more:

data usage

Obviously the number of uses that we can give it, is nearly unlimited; play video games, watch videos, download movies, find new friends, create sites to talk about any kind of thing, besides that is very handy for a difficult situation, like when your mother doesn’t know what to cook or someone in your life is sick and you don’t have idea of what to do, you can be sure that someone had the same situation in some moment and for that we can find an answer for any kind of problem.

Actually, internet is not free, people pay for the service obviously; when you pay for it they send a specialist that will set all environment to connect your computer to a special cable that will provide you the internet but this is not all the time the clients have also the option to choose a different kind of service.

This “different kind of system” consist in buy a little device that works as an USB that connects directly with your computer allowing the access to internet through a wireless connection, but the difference is that this device have “dates” a certain quantity of data that will allow us to access to the internet, when we spend all this data we will should not be able to use it again until we pay for a new data package, obviously the internet providers have a lot of different plans that can adjust to our needs and also different benefits.

How do we spend this data?

Well, actually is pretty simple, we spend this “data” just by using the internet, visiting a website, watch a movie or a video, download movies or pictures, play and download games, every action that we do using internet eventually will leave us out of data and obviously we will have to buy another round of dates.

This is a really handle device because even if we don’t have a computer with can put this USB device in any kind of computer or laptop to gain a limited access to internet, obviously it is not perfect, because this device work with a specific time plan, I mean that each month they recharge the dates of your device but if you spend the data before the month’s end you will need to recharge it buying an external source of dates.

Usually the people prefer to set the cables in their houses but this is a really useful choice for people that use to work out of their houses or simple don’t stay in their houses most of the time. At the end this artifact is mostly situational and it adjust to the needs of some people and it depends also of how much internet a person can spend because sometimes people run out of dates before they note it.

I hope you liked our article about data usage.

Comment and share!


The best encryption software

The best encryption software

Hey everone, lets talk about the best encryption software…

The Digital security is always present, but in some cases we often forget the encryption of files, something that has been forgotten but little by little becomes important, for a time have appeared programs that seek to make people aware of this practice is very useful because the protection of personal and / or confidential files is now more relevant than ever.

Although storing files with strange names and hiding them is not merely enough to escape the hackers and the leakage of information.

The best encryption software:

The best encryption software

That is why we should not miss the vast abundance of programs that try to make encryption something accessible to everyone and easily accessible.

For Windows users who are in the search for an easy-to-use tool you can find Steganos Safe a really effective option with a good price and a lot of quality.

Only with this program, you can create safes to protect files, protect content on a USB pen drive or encrypt files in the cloud like MagentaCloud.

Steganos Safe 18:

The Steganos Safe 18 is the latest version of Steganos Safe, an encryption program that allows the creation of virtual safes, or “safes”. In addition to being very easy to use, Steganos Safe includes a wide variety of options: safes can be created inside the system, in USB drives, in the cloud, external disks, or even Blu-Rays. You can use a 256-bit AES encryption algorithm.

Check: https://steganos.com/en/steganos-safe-18


We can highlight all the benefits of Steganos Safe but there are also other programs that are very good to do encryption, which is CryptoForge, a program that offers various possibilities for encryption, it uses 1 to 4 encryption algorithms, although the only disadvantage Is that the time of waiting at the time of encryption is usually very slow but it requires a technical knowledge so it is not an option for beginners or for the impatient.

Check: http://www.cryptoforge.com/

Encrypton Buddy program:

For Mac users, there is the Encrypton Buddy program, which is one of the best encryption programs for the apple brand, it is a software that protects passwords and encrypts any file whatever the type of file, its interface is Very simple and easy to use, files that are encrypted by this program of Encrypton Buddy can only be decrypted by this program, which makes it that program of exclusive use.

Check: http://gotoes.org/sales/Encryption_Buddy/


Another is AxCrypt which may be the encryption software known by many Windows users, which has good intentions with the browser of that system, this program does not require any configuration, it is ready to be used from the moment it is installed and counts with open source code for developers.

Check: https://www.axcrypt.net/

These could indicate that they are the best programs to make an encryption and protect all your files, remember that nobody wants to lose their files or by mistake, because we know that it is impossible to recover them, so you must take all the necessary provisions.

Search and use the one that is of your preference, but the ones that we mentioned are really the best ones to have the best result of encryption.

Internet safety for kids

Internet safety for kids

Lets talk about Internet safety for kids..

All parents let their children use the internet and access web portals but it is very important to have a control of what their children see and do on the internet, because although the internet is wonderful is also a danger, that is why You should check the history after your child has used the computer, you can also be close to your child while spending some time using the internet, because no parent wants their child to see things he should not see.

Internet safety for kids:

Internet safety for kids

That is why you must have or have a parental control, where these parental filters is a tool that can be installed on computers to have a control of the internet pages that child visits, because you should not stop watching where your child navigates, because we know that you may not be able to spend all your time watching where your child navigates, but you can always check the history to see where you had access.

You should also teach your children not to publish their personal data on the internet, and not trust unknown people with whom you can make contact via the web, you should also advise them to let them know that you suffer from internet harassment, because the internet is an excellent tool, but many things happen through this portal of communication.

Also, do not allow your child to participate in online conversations with strangers, you should also be careful about spam, the applications that your child can download, make your child understand that you should not rely on links or files that indicate that they are downloaded.

Or any application that appeals to them and less of the advertising that usually appears promising gifts.

Sometimes parents may think that their child is only playing some game they have downloaded or only see their favorite cartoons, but when using the cell phone, tablet or computer may just from curiosity or ignorance can access things that do not Should have access, because they are not suitable for a child, that is why parents should always monitor the safety of their children when they are using the internet.

The Internet is an ocean of information in which anyone can publish what they want. This means that, like the real world, the Internet has a lot of horrible things and content not suitable for children. You have to teach both to avoid that content and not to reach it by mistake through ads or false links.

A basic security measure on the Internet is Do not use the same password on all services; You must use a different password for each account. It is also important to teach them to use strong passwords long:

  • with uppercase;
  • lowercase;
  • numbers and signs.

In this way, it is also important to teach your children to use 2-step verification and to avoid security questions whose response everyone knows.

Your child can use the internet but should tell you that as well as you can find good and fun things, you can find bad and ugly things that no child should see, which is why you should always take care of the safety of your children when they have access to the internet.

General data protection regulation


Lets talk about a very important subject, General data protection regulation!

Every time that we make a new legal or political process, such as buy a house, a car, get an I.D, change your address or even get married, we generate dates for the country and those dates a uploaded to huge bank of information of the government.

Obviously we can access to this information, through internet or other annoying processes but usually the people think that this information is not secure and that is not totally wrong.

In these days, we are in the world of technology; for sure we have access to wonderful selection of new tools that they use to defend our information but long ago it wasn’t that simple, the common problem of internet and any kind of electronic tool are the hackers (people that can pass security codes of a system or even change the programming of an electronic object), the people actually know about a lot of reports that tell about hackers messing with the government systems or banks.

Even simple computers are not save of these people and for sure the owners of the personal information that is in the government database is afraid to loose it, bank accounts, criminal records or any type of relevant information is open for a hacker that just need to “break in”.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).


For those and other reasons was created the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). It was created by the European Union and as you can guess, they made it to protect the personal data of the people and to secure movement of the same data.

Originally this began with the “Data protection directive” that was a directive in charge of processing personal data in 1995 and for the year of 2016 the “Data protection directive” would be surpassed by the “General Data Protection Regulation” securing the privacy and the rights that surround the persona data of the people.

For sure this element (the GDPR) is not going to take all your personal data (there are some things that need to keep in secret) from every single citizen, they need to follow some rules, they need to be allowed to search for your information first than nothing but at the same time when they get the permission.

They are allowed to search any kind of data, such as bank information, names, home address, medical information, professional life, photos, e-mail address, phone numbers or websites movements.

Obviously they need a good reason to search for this information because the people know their rights and they don’t loose a chance to sue the people in charge that is messing with their personal life, for this and others situations there are some procedures that the group that is getting the data need to follow.

For example, like getting an order from a judge or simply to ask to the person for their information where the most of the time they are agree to help, obviously if they don’t have anything to hide.

This process is not perfect but the EU government is trying to improve it with the pass of the time.

EU Data protection

General Data Protection Regulation

Technology evolve every day, every month and every year, people use to uprate their systems to get a better performance of the normal process that they make.

The government usually try to find the best technology to make a better job for the country and talking about internet computer or informatics systems in general, this is pretty normal but they are not the only ones that uprate their systems, people that we know as hackers use to have a really sophisticated system to mess with the computers of the people and in some extreme cases the government too.

EU Data protection


Hackers use to take control of other systems or just steal important information from a database and for the government of countriesthis is a serious problem because they are in charge of handle all the personal data of the citizens of a country and a well experimented hacker can steal it easily, for this and a lot of reasons the specialists of the informatics department of each country created their own system that protect that data of falling in wrong people’s hands.

One of the first data defense systems was created in EU (European Union). The idea began with need of protect all the personal information of the companies, government and obviously the citizens of the country, so to fulfill this need it was created the “data protection directive” that was created to administrate and defend al the personal information of the country.

General Data Protection Regulation:

General Data Protection Regulation

Obviously everything in this world works under laws and the people were not agree with the idea of a person administrating all their personal information so in a few years after, they replace the “data protection directive” for the “data protection regulation” that had the same duty defend the personal data of each citizen of the country but with the difference of keeping the rights and laws of the people.

At the end every person in this world has the right to protect their personal information and in EU this is not different the personal data is linked to strong laws, this means that the group or organization that keep this information secure must protect and respect it at all cost because is the life of a person as data and as you can see in spies movies or political movies, this is a really valuable element, the information of an specific person can destroy a country.

Journalists play a really important role in this topic because in some cases hackers can steal relevant information from a specific person (political problems, personal issues or dirty aspects of their lives) and when they give this information to the mediums it can cause a lot of problems between the government and the people, for this reason protect the personal data is a really important task.

A data base is as important as the system that defends it, for that at least in EU they use these systems to defend their and our personal data for the ones that want to use it to harm us.


Data Privacy Laws

Data Privacy Laws

Every time when we make a legal or political process, data about that event is stored in the huge database of the government, following the laws of the countries that data or information is forbidden for everyone that is not the owner of those dates, there are some situations where a specific group can have access to this information but they are really serious cases and they supported by laws and orders.

At the same time the owners of this information like personal number, bank dates, family records, medical history and even professional life; they all have rights and the groups have to take care when they ask these people for this specific information.

How this works?

Data Privacy Laws

The laws and rules that surround the personal data of the people variates depending of the country for example:

  • Canada: they count with PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) that is used mostly for the protection of the political and federal bodies and obviously the don’t left behind the people of the country because it recognize the right of privacy of individuals with respect to their personal information and at the same time it understands the reason why the organizations get, dispose and use all the personal data of the people.
  • Europe: in this country the personal data of the people is greatly regulated and pretty enforced, in addition the article 8 says that nobody can mess with a person’s life, his family, his home or his correspondence, same as the personal life online. Also we need to consider that the government is not the only one that can handle this kind of information, other citizens and even big companies have access to this information obviously all this is keeping the statements of law and in some extreme cases they don’t follow these laws which is obviously wrong.
  • S: in this country the laws that surround the data privacy is strongly combined with the legislation and the same time laws are really printed in this society, any person acting against the laws that protects is going to be track down by the police.

Over 100 countries around the world for the year 2014 were able to have enacted comprehensive data protection legislation, and several other countries are in the process of passing such laws (laws that protects the personal data of the citizens without harming their rights).

Other countries can have privacy laws applying to some areas, for example kids or financial situations;they don’t have a specific law for these situations. For instance, while an early leader in the field of data protection, the US Privacy Act 1974 applies only to the Federal Government, and subsequent laws applies to specific sectors, but there is no comprehensive law to date.

Normally the strongest laws in this area are in Europe where the personal data is a serious problem, because the big companies and important people have information that truly relevant, being part of their personal live, such as web sites and family.