The best encryption software


Hey everone, lets talk about the best encryption software…

The Digital security is always present, but in some cases we often forget the encryption of files, something that has been forgotten but little by little becomes important, for a time have appeared programs that seek to make people aware of this practice is very useful because the protection of personal and / or confidential files is now more relevant than ever.

Although storing files with strange names and hiding them is not merely enough to escape the hackers and the leakage of information.

The best encryption software:

The best encryption software

That is why we should not miss the vast abundance of programs that try to make encryption something accessible to everyone and easily accessible.

For Windows users who are in the search for an easy-to-use tool you can find Steganos Safe a really effective option with a good price and a lot of quality.

Only with this program, you can create safes to protect files, protect content on a USB pen drive or encrypt files in the cloud like MagentaCloud.

Steganos Safe 18:

The Steganos Safe 18 is the latest version of Steganos Safe, an encryption program that allows the creation of virtual safes, or “safes”. In addition to being very easy to use, Steganos Safe includes a wide variety of options: safes can be created inside the system, in USB drives, in the cloud, external disks, or even Blu-Rays. You can use a 256-bit AES encryption algorithm.



We can highlight all the benefits of Steganos Safe but there are also other programs that are very good to do encryption, which is CryptoForge, a program that offers various possibilities for encryption, it uses 1 to 4 encryption algorithms, although the only disadvantage Is that the time of waiting at the time of encryption is usually very slow but it requires a technical knowledge so it is not an option for beginners or for the impatient.

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Encrypton Buddy program:

For Mac users, there is the Encrypton Buddy program, which is one of the best encryption programs for the apple brand, it is a software that protects passwords and encrypts any file whatever the type of file, its interface is Very simple and easy to use, files that are encrypted by this program of Encrypton Buddy can only be decrypted by this program, which makes it that program of exclusive use.



Another is AxCrypt which may be the encryption software known by many Windows users, which has good intentions with the browser of that system, this program does not require any configuration, it is ready to be used from the moment it is installed and counts with open source code for developers.


These could indicate that they are the best programs to make an encryption and protect all your files, remember that nobody wants to lose their files or by mistake, because we know that it is impossible to recover them, so you must take all the necessary provisions.

Search and use the one that is of your preference, but the ones that we mentioned are really the best ones to have the best result of encryption.