Data Privacy Laws


Every time when we make a legal or political process, data about that event is stored in the huge database of the government, following the laws of the countries that data or information is forbidden for everyone that is not the owner of those dates, there are some situations where a specific group can have access to this information but they are really serious cases and they supported by laws and orders.

At the same time the owners of this information like personal number, bank dates, family records, medical history and even professional life; they all have rights and the groups have to take care when they ask these people for this specific information.

How this works?

Data Privacy Laws

The laws and rules that surround the personal data of the people variates depending of the country for example:

  • Canada: they count with PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) that is used mostly for the protection of the political and federal bodies and obviously the don’t left behind the people of the country because it recognize the right of privacy of individuals with respect to their personal information and at the same time it understands the reason why the organizations get, dispose and use all the personal data of the people.
  • Europe: in this country the personal data of the people is greatly regulated and pretty enforced, in addition the article 8 says that nobody can mess with a person’s life, his family, his home or his correspondence, same as the personal life online. Also we need to consider that the government is not the only one that can handle this kind of information, other citizens and even big companies have access to this information obviously all this is keeping the statements of law and in some extreme cases they don’t follow these laws which is obviously wrong.
  • S: in this country the laws that surround the data privacy is strongly combined with the legislation and the same time laws are really printed in this society, any person acting against the laws that protects is going to be track down by the police.
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Over 100 countries around the world for the year 2014 were able to have enacted comprehensive data protection legislation, and several other countries are in the process of passing such laws (laws that protects the personal data of the citizens without harming their rights).

Other countries can have privacy laws applying to some areas, for example kids or financial situations;they don’t have a specific law for these situations. For instance, while an early leader in the field of data protection, the US Privacy Act 1974 applies only to the Federal Government, and subsequent laws applies to specific sectors, but there is no comprehensive law to date.

Normally the strongest laws in this area are in Europe where the personal data is a serious problem, because the big companies and important people have information that truly relevant, being part of their personal live, such as web sites and family.

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