EU Data protection


Technology evolve every day, every month and every year, people use to uprate their systems to get a better performance of the normal process that they make.

The government usually try to find the best technology to make a better job for the country and talking about internet computer or informatics systems in general, this is pretty normal but they are not the only ones that uprate their systems, people that we know as hackers use to have a really sophisticated system to mess with the computers of the people and in some extreme cases the government too.

EU Data protection


Hackers use to take control of other systems or just steal important information from a database and for the government of countriesthis is a serious problem because they are in charge of handle all the personal data of the citizens of a country and a well experimented hacker can steal it easily, for this and a lot of reasons the specialists of the informatics department of each country created their own system that protect that data of falling in wrong people’s hands.

One of the first data defense systems was created in EU (European Union). The idea began with need of protect all the personal information of the companies, government and obviously the citizens of the country, so to fulfill this need it was created the “data protection directive” that was created to administrate and defend al the personal information of the country.

General Data Protection Regulation:

General Data Protection Regulation

Obviously everything in this world works under laws and the people were not agree with the idea of a person administrating all their personal information so in a few years after, they replace the “data protection directive” for the “data protection regulation” that had the same duty defend the personal data of each citizen of the country but with the difference of keeping the rights and laws of the people.

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At the end every person in this world has the right to protect their personal information and in EU this is not different the personal data is linked to strong laws, this means that the group or organization that keep this information secure must protect and respect it at all cost because is the life of a person as data and as you can see in spies movies or political movies, this is a really valuable element, the information of an specific person can destroy a country.

Journalists play a really important role in this topic because in some cases hackers can steal relevant information from a specific person (political problems, personal issues or dirty aspects of their lives) and when they give this information to the mediums it can cause a lot of problems between the government and the people, for this reason protect the personal data is a really important task.

A data base is as important as the system that defends it, for that at least in EU they use these systems to defend their and our personal data for the ones that want to use it to harm us.