General data protection regulation


Lets talk about a very important subject, General data protection regulation!

Every time that we make a new legal or political process, such as buy a house, a car, get an I.D, change your address or even get married, we generate dates for the country and those dates a uploaded to huge bank of information of the government.

Obviously we can access to this information, through internet or other annoying processes but usually the people think that this information is not secure and that is not totally wrong.

In these days, we are in the world of technology; for sure we have access to wonderful selection of new tools that they use to defend our information but long ago it wasn’t that simple, the common problem of internet and any kind of electronic tool are the hackers (people that can pass security codes of a system or even change the programming of an electronic object), the people actually know about a lot of reports that tell about hackers messing with the government systems or banks.

Even simple computers are not save of these people and for sure the owners of the personal information that is in the government database is afraid to loose it, bank accounts, criminal records or any type of relevant information is open for a hacker that just need to “break in”.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).


For those and other reasons was created the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). It was created by the European Union and as you can guess, they made it to protect the personal data of the people and to secure movement of the same data.

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Originally this began with the “Data protection directive” that was a directive in charge of processing personal data in 1995 and for the year of 2016 the “Data protection directive” would be surpassed by the “General Data Protection Regulation” securing the privacy and the rights that surround the persona data of the people.

For sure this element (the GDPR) is not going to take all your personal data (there are some things that need to keep in secret) from every single citizen, they need to follow some rules, they need to be allowed to search for your information first than nothing but at the same time when they get the permission.

They are allowed to search any kind of data, such as bank information, names, home address, medical information, professional life, photos, e-mail address, phone numbers or websites movements.

Obviously they need a good reason to search for this information because the people know their rights and they don’t loose a chance to sue the people in charge that is messing with their personal life, for this and others situations there are some procedures that the group that is getting the data need to follow.

For example, like getting an order from a judge or simply to ask to the person for their information where the most of the time they are agree to help, obviously if they don’t have anything to hide.

This process is not perfect but the EU government is trying to improve it with the pass of the time.