Internet safety for kids


Lets talk about Internet safety for kids..

All parents let their children use the internet and access web portals but it is very important to have a control of what their children see and do on the internet, because although the internet is wonderful is also a danger, that is why You should check the history after your child has used the computer, you can also be close to your child while spending some time using the internet, because no parent wants their child to see things he should not see.

Internet safety for kids:

Internet safety for kids

That is why you must have or have a parental control, where these parental filters is a tool that can be installed on computers to have a control of the internet pages that child visits, because you should not stop watching where your child navigates, because we know that you may not be able to spend all your time watching where your child navigates, but you can always check the history to see where you had access.

You should also teach your children not to publish their personal data on the internet, and not trust unknown people with whom you can make contact via the web, you should also advise them to let them know that you suffer from internet harassment, because the internet is an excellent tool, but many things happen through this portal of communication.

Also, do not allow your child to participate in online conversations with strangers, you should also be careful about spam, the applications that your child can download, make your child understand that you should not rely on links or files that indicate that they are downloaded.

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Or any application that appeals to them and less of the advertising that usually appears promising gifts.

Sometimes parents may think that their child is only playing some game they have downloaded or only see their favorite cartoons, but when using the cell phone, tablet or computer may just from curiosity or ignorance can access things that do not Should have access, because they are not suitable for a child, that is why parents should always monitor the safety of their children when they are using the internet.

The Internet is an ocean of information in which anyone can publish what they want. This means that, like the real world, the Internet has a lot of horrible things and content not suitable for children. You have to teach both to avoid that content and not to reach it by mistake through ads or false links.

A basic security measure on the Internet is Do not use the same password on all services; You must use a different password for each account. It is also important to teach them to use strong passwords long:

  • with uppercase;
  • lowercase;
  • numbers and signs.

In this way, it is also important to teach your children to use 2-step verification and to avoid security questions whose response everyone knows.

Your child can use the internet but should tell you that as well as you can find good and fun things, you can find bad and ugly things that no child should see, which is why you should always take care of the safety of your children when they have access to the internet.