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As we know internet is a very useful resource, we use it basically to search any kind of information and normally information is not the only use that internet has.

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internet service providers

People use to use internet for a lot of things, it helps to find jobs, we can make new friends in the social networks, download movies and even play video games online but all these uses requires a good internet connection, if you have a bad connection it can cause a lot of problems, at least for the people that work with internet.

How do we find a good provider?

Well, first than nothing we have to have in count the country that provides you the service, some countries possess a better connection than other countries, for example actually in these days Korea has the best internet connection in the whole world, and one of the countries with the worst internet connection is Venezuela.

Obviously the internet providers will change depending of the country; each company has their own plans and services for people.

There are always reasons that make a people choose a provider, like the service that the workers can give you, the economic context or for sure the connection speed, besides that, people that already have the services of a specific provider can give you their opinion about the services that they provide, sometimes they can be good or bad opinions depending of the opinion that the clients have.

In addition to the information of this article, this redactor is from the Venezuela (yeah, the country with the worst internet connection), our connection is pretty bad, for at least three important reasons:

  • One: The country doesn’t pay attention to the internet speed if “it works”, with that opinion the country doesn’t care if our internet is good or bad.
  • Two: the technic support of our providers is awful, they don’t take care of clients (for them is your internet works, it’s ok but if it doesn’t work they don’t do much to help).
  • Three: Venezuela in this year (2017) is suffering a political crisis and the government is messing with the connection of the whole country trying to stop the flow of information (I don’t believe this but there are a lot of people that believe in this fact).
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We need to be sure which provider, we are going to choose and what kind of service it can provide you.

At the end you have the final word about what company can help you to have the best internet connection, because even if you live in a country where the connection is pretty bad, you can be sure that there is going to be a provider that will at least give you a better service than the others.

So just try to look around, ask your frined your co-workers, even the boss of your job can help you with it. Actually we use internet for everything and the best thing that we can dream about it is “an internet connection that works for all my needs”.