Websites security check


We can find a lot of thing in internet and there are pages basically for everything, we can find pages about games, comics, Japanese cartoons (animes), normal cartoons, weather, movies, tv shows, information, even blogs and the common social networks.

But to put it simple internet is as wide as our world the numbers of pages that exist is uncountable, with a website for everyone and everything we need to take care where are we going in this huge sea that we call internet.

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Websites security check

Websites are basically for everyone, a person with good knowledges can create a page about any topic and depending in what the person is looking for you can be sure that you will find something, but as we know internet is not a perfect place, we can find any kind of people in it, for this reason there are pages and websites that requires permission to access to its content.

Websites are created with a specific software, it sets its configuration, content and obviously its terms and conditions, this save in some cases computers and kids from dangerous elements that the website can have, so the people use to set their computers to avoid or at least to warm the user about these dangerous pages.

Well not everything is fault of the maker of the website, let be serious; if a page warm you about a possible risk for your computer, how many times have you ignore this message?

There are a lot of people that avoid this message because they don’t pay attention, these messages can warm you about a risk for your system or a about an age standard in the page. Why do the people avoid these messages? Actually there is no big mystery, the people dies for curiosity, when a page forbids you the access, you maybe ask to yourself, why?

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What is in there? What can I not see? And for these questions we can have a bad experience with our kids or maybe you can download a virus to your system without noting it.

How many times do we see people doing weird spam on facebook?

Well, this can be the result of being passing for unprotected pages or avoiding warnings, these virus can set a weird order in your system, how is so? Actually, you post on facebook the same thing over and over without noting it, most of the times porn.

Also there is people that use to surf for that we call “deepweb” that is a totally different world, is a place in internet that have all kind of things from legal things to illegal things, and most of the places can have these virus in their code so that when you visit that site your pc get that code, causing serious situations in some cases, that can include a totally collapse of your computer or giving the control of all the information and the functions of your system

Normally we don’t need to surf in that area but how I say before people is curious and that is part of human behavior.