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Let’s talk about Wifi security

Everyone love internet, it has become an important element in our lives, the most of times we use internet basically for everything, from look for a recipe, search for information, buy stuff, to find new friends, also it helps a lot in companies that need the support of webpages and obviously there are a lot of uses for this fantastic resource.

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Wifi security

As we know, the internet starts with the creation of the computers in 1950 and after this the specialists were trying to connect computers one with others, with these ideas they created first network system in 1960, the internet was taking form, obviously they were improving this technology with the pass of the years.

In those times and right now the connection is made with cables but at the beginning when this process was made, after some years they created a new method to send the internet service to computers, “the wireless connection”, it was created to send the internet service to computers that didn’t need or have a cable (obviously they need an specific piece to allow the wireless connection).

Basically it was created for laptops (a different kind of computer that you can keep in your bag that is really handy), normally to access to a wireless connection you need to have a router (an electronic device that spread the internet through a signal) and with your laptop or computer you need to access to this signal.

Normally this was a free access, laptops and computers had free access to a wireless connection but with the pass of the time people were growing in disagree with this idea because in their words they are stealing internet and this is not something that people like, for that reason people created or to be exactly they adjust the routers with a password giving a security system to the routers.

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For some people this is not a problem but (is going to sound weird and funny) the security of routers is really poor and useless, an amateur hacker can hack their security with little help but still is needed to provide your connection to be slowed down by an unfriended guess.

Talking about the problems that this can cause, well the problems are more for the people that have deep knowledges about computersand internet (normally people that doesn’t know about this can think that is just a normal problem or in other cases they don’t even note the slowdown of the internet) like online gamers, programmers and pages’ administrators, because they can detail when their internet is slowing down, because when someone joins to the same wireless network.

You share your internet with that person and any kind of use can slow down the speed of the connection, actions like watching videos, download videos or movies, result really annoying for the owner of the signal (obviously people use to have a strong internet provider to avoid these problems), in the case of this redactor.

I am actually a gamer and a lot of people say that when someone joins to your internet network that person doesn’t slow you down with his/her actions, but that is totally wrong, the internet will divide its speed in two ways to provide both connected computers, lowing its benefics.

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